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"After 10 years of criticism: what is left of De Soto's ideas" by Paul v...
"The Growing Benefits of a Warmer World"
“Shale gas : three cheers for fracking”
Managing US Federal Lands and National Parks in the context of decreasin...
"New management is needed for the planet's most important common resource"
Green Philosophy: How to Think Seriously About the Planet
Water between regulation and market
Floodings in France: Climate change or... unwise policies?
Harmonizing Liberty, Ecology and Prosperity in 2014
A tale of two rushes
Max Falque on freemarket environmentalism
Ecology, immigration and the “Tragedy of the Commons”
Will burn ivory save the elephants ?
“Does destroying ivory really save elephants ?”

“Markets and property rights: how to conciliate environmental management, economic growth and new governance”

was the topic discussed at the April 17th Forum in Paris set up by ICREI, Landowners Organisation and Société des Agriculteurs de France. More than 20 top contributors opened new paths to find alternatives and/or complements to “command and control” You’ll find information and papers on the page of the event.



"After 10 years of criticism: what is left of De Soto's ideas" by Paul v...

April 12, 2014 - I guess that this abstract will encourage those who read the "Mystery of Capital", the best seller of Hernando de Soto published in 2000 should read this article by Paul van der Molen. "In this book De Soto  advocates that politicians take measures to provide the informal sector with access to the formal economy b...




The articles of each conference were gathered to produce a book. We now have a nice collection of important contribution on the topic. The marine resources conference book is available in English.